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Saw 22-20's at Norwich Waterfront tonight. They were amazing, even better than I expected.

I saw them earlier this year supporting Supergrass, but missed most of the set due to getting lost on the way to the gig. What I saw was good which persuaded me to go tonight. The Waterfront is a fairly small venue so I was able to get much closer- I didn't realise how young they were! They played a fairly short set, about 45 minutes, but that's better than a longer set with lots of filler. Not much crowd interaction either. They mainly went from one song straight into the next. Sometimes we got a song title if we were lucky. But the songs are so strong that there is no need for showmanship.

Supports were Cathy Davey and Willy Mason. Both very good and if you bought one of Willie's CD's at the gig then he signed it for you. Bless.

Great night.
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