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22-20s fandom help needed! [02 Jun 2009|01:46pm]

Fan History Wiki recently added about 13,000 articles about musical groups because we wanted to make it easier for people to write the history of their band's fan community. One of the articles we added was about 22-20s and it really needs your help! The article is supposed to give a history of the fandom. At the moment, it isn't doing that very well. It only has very basic information. It needs more. Whatever information you can add, from a date added on the timeline to a fandom specific term to how big a fansite or community is, that would be really great!
why don't you do it for me

[31 Jan 2005|12:11pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

hey heres two pictures from when i saw the 22-20s at the Astoria :-D

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live [31 Jan 2005|12:06pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

did anyone see the 22-20s on their tour? if so, weren't they awesome?!

hehe dan

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[26 Dec 2004|01:56am]
Hi all,
Did anyone else on the mailing list manage to download 'Friends'? I've tried but to no avail. I looked on that 7digital website and I couldn't find it either. Any help would be nice.
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new member [31 Oct 2004|03:52pm]

hey im a new member!

i saw a bit of the 22-20s at T in Park. they were so cool
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[26 Oct 2004|01:00am]

Saw 22-20's at Norwich Waterfront tonight. They were amazing, even better than I expected.

I saw them earlier this year supporting Supergrass, but missed most of the set due to getting lost on the way to the gig. What I saw was good which persuaded me to go tonight. The Waterfront is a fairly small venue so I was able to get much closer- I didn't realise how young they were! They played a fairly short set, about 45 minutes, but that's better than a longer set with lots of filler. Not much crowd interaction either. They mainly went from one song straight into the next. Sometimes we got a song title if we were lucky. But the songs are so strong that there is no need for showmanship.

Supports were Cathy Davey and Willy Mason. Both very good and if you bought one of Willie's CD's at the gig then he signed it for you. Bless.

Great night.
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[18 Oct 2004|07:00pm]

I saw the 22-20s for the second time in my life on Sunday at Middlesbrough Empire. I was front row centre and they were amazing! Anyone else there? I would have pictures to share but my camera messed up, no pun intended :)

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[25 Sep 2004|07:23pm]

does anyone know when their album comes out in the US?
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.....yes im a newbie! [13 Sep 2004|05:29pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hey all!!!

What is there to say? Im Kerry : ) Got into 22-20s before 05/03 came out but still yet to see them at a gig! Am gutted about it, but one day i will when i find someone to go with : ) Nearly September 20th *dances*

Speak to you all sometime x

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[04 Sep 2004|01:01pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

If the Scala gig sells out soon, I'll be going on my own, cos my friends have to make the money to buy theirs first, so is anyone else going? On the 24th Oct?

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The Obligatory Newbie Post [02 Sep 2004|02:38am]

Hello, just a quick post to introduce myself really!

I'd heard quite a bit about the 22-20s (due to an obsessive friend) and I checked them out at Leeds and was utterly blown away! Anyone else catch them there?

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hi! [13 Aug 2004|07:53pm]

[ mood | on a muffin-high ]

I just found this community and thought I'd join. I'm really getting into the 22-20s and am so excited about their album coming out on my birthday! hurrah! Is anyone going to Leeds festival? I'm so tempted to go on the Friday! Okay, struggling to say something interesting about the band (as demanded) without giving away my boy-watching/stalking which got me interested in them...

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I'm new here :) [07 Aug 2004|09:49pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

Hello! I saw them @ Fuji Rock Festival here in Japan and a special gig @ Tokyo last week. They were brilliant! I liked their song, "friends" which Martin plays with his acoustic guitar. Keyboard, Charlie was so cool! Is he a new member? or support member? Does anybody know?
by the way, 22-20s, Jet and Kings of Leon, that combination sounds awesome!! I haven't seen Kings yet, although I got a ticket of their gig...

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[27 Mar 2004|08:05pm]

hey, i'm danny.
last sept. (03') i saw 22-20s and jet open for kings of leon (one of best concerts ever)in san diego, and thought i could join.
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[18 Mar 2004|05:13pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Hey people. I'm Jon, been a fan of the 22-20s since..sometime last year. I saw them at the Sumo in Leicester the day before 05/03 was released. In fact I street-teamed that gig and got lots and lots of stickers to keep which was nice.

I'm off to see them again in..ohh about 3 hours on the NME Brit Pack Tour. Photos will follow tomorrow morning hopefully!

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