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I just found this community and thought I'd join. I'm really getting into the 22-20s and am so excited about their album coming out on my birthday! hurrah! Is anyone going to Leeds festival? I'm so tempted to go on the Friday! Okay, struggling to say something interesting about the band (as demanded) without giving away my boy-watching/stalking which got me interested in them...
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yep. nothing like a boy with great taste in music. In this particular instance verified by the place I saw him - indie night at my local arts centre. The terrible conclusion of the story though is that nothing happened b/c I moved away! Away from my indie night and my 22-20s guy! The recovery is proving slow and painful. Although, he was wearing a pink shirt the next time I saw him, presumably for work, but...
thief! no originality sometimes! Besides which, why is apology needed when admiration of such a hottie led us to the discovery of such a fab band that is the 22-20s? Obviously any dude with such great musical taste is worthy of being stared at! Besides, at least we didn't really stalk that one!